CEO’s Moments – DAAITV Contribution for Society

As we approach another Chinese New Year, the usual rain showers on Jakarta caused unexpected flooding in northern part of town.  Unfortunately, access toll-road to and from the International Airport are also affected.  Thousands of people stranded and many had to struggle to reroute their travel arrangements.  The sad scenario, however, is that in the coming years, flood incidents like this would be more and more often.  The impacts would be felt rich and poor alike.  Global warming and lack of disregard for nature in the course of development result in routine flooding in years to come.


What can we do?  Mitigation and adaptation.


What should a media like DAAI TV do?  We can help by providing in-depth reports on the importance of taking care of our environments.  The awareness that human activities very much impact our environments need to be addressed more by TV.  It is our responsibility to bring out the issues and give practical action plans that people can participate. 


Commensurate with this theme, is the focus of Tzu Chi’s end of lunar year gathering which is:  creating harmony between human and nature.  Thousands attendees of the gathering watched documentary of various disasters in all over the world, and how volunteers respond to the calamities.  Responding by giving aids is a good thing, but to be able to prevent disasters to happen by being mindfull of our thoughts and actions is even more important.  Flooding and landslides, for example, are often caused by reckless deforestation of surrounding hills by us.  


Let us strive to purify our mind and hearts – to harmonize society, and to prevent disasters.  


As a responsible TV station, it is our duty to assist society to do so.


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